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Tono OFS 01 TV Floor Stand (32"-70")

Tono OFS 01 TV Floor Stand (32"-70")

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For 32″ to 70″ upto 50 KGS

Ultra stylish and with a minimal footprint, Tono 0FS 01 Flat panel TV
Stand is a kind of TV Stand that is perfectly suited to businesses where
you need the facility to move the TV about from office to office for use in
training and presentations, video conferences etc. They are of course
not limited to this and can just as easily make use of their sleek style and
design in many modern home settings. They are designed to be strong
and support the weight of your TV in a simple and stylish manner, it
comes with a shelf of toughened glass to help keep your STB or DVD
This TV stand is perfect for India as it is suited in all types of offices,
gyms, ballroom area, hotels, reception area, airports etc. 0FS 01 TV
stand has set its standard far beyond the products available in India and
it is hence bought by our privileged customers ranging from MNC’s to

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