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Tono Real Slim Two- Projector Lift


Tono Real Slim Two- Projector Lift

Tono Real Slim Two- Projector Lift

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Projector Lift drops 1 foot in a 24″x24″ frame for upto 30 kg

The Tono Real Slim Two projector lift supports projectors up to 30 kg and includes height adjustment levels from 60mm to 300mm. Built from high-quality material this lift will complement your interiors. Aluminum material helps the lift to be light in weight and provides ease for the motor to function smoothly. The motor carries 2 years warranty while the body has 5 years warranty.
Another feature is integrated cable management for a clean look, furthermore, the post-installation micro-adjustments allow easy projector registration. Finally in addition it is compatible with nearly all DLP and LCD projectors in the market. Tono Systems is the number one brand in India because it provides simple solutions for projector accessories like motorized and manual mounts for projector
This Projector Ceiling mount kit for home theatre projectors is perfect for small projectors up to 30 kg. The mounting pattern remains the same as it is universal, rather than having multiple options we provide simple solutions for multiple displays. The Black aluminium finish is perfect for any home theatre setting which makes it especially relevant.
The most of all used brands of home theatre projectors are Benq, Epson, Optoma, Vivitek, Panasonic, Sony, and many more.
You can easily position your projector and secure it to maintain a stable image while viewing. It comes with the universal Projector Connector that fits virtually every projector weighing up to 30 kg.
Now you can easily project an image on any screen or wall, probably this is the best mounting solution in the market. The unique spherical hinge joint has a huge range of movement so you can position your projector wherever you desire. With the Adjust & Secure feature, you can lock the projector into position. You can easily conceal your cables with the cable inlay system.

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